Food Culture and Art of Cooking

Feeding the body, nourishing the soul

Using a metaphor we could say the gastronomic traditions of a country are the DNA of its culture and heritage, stratified over the centuries. In fact, one cannot talk about food without paying attention to all its cultural aspects: the origin of the dishes, their name, the meaning of gestures and the customs that revolve around the table are no less important than the ingredients and stages of preparation of a dish. Food is the most instinctive cultural form that exists, it is both a necessity of life and an artistic language that unites men of all races and religions. A constant in human history, capable of permeating any form of expression: visual, literary, musical, cinematographic.

The culinary revolution

It is precisely technological progress that allow us to continue to change the kitchen and our way of eating. The culinary revolution over the centuries allows us, through travel and migration, to spread our flavors and acquire new tastes. For example, corn from the Americas and rice from Asia arrived in Europe. Over time, new traditions, regional cuisines and food processing techniques have formed. The kitchen became an art more and more articulated in its many facets, but always rich in symbolic and cultural meanings.


Food culture

We have transformed a primary need into a pleasure, into a convivial moment, we have elevated it to art. Food culture can be used as a metaphor for human civilization. We can appreciate our history through a brilliant evolutionary path that started thousands of years ago. And it all started with a man who one day decided to try using fire for cooking.

Is cooking an art form or is art expressed in the kitchen?

The question may not matter, the essential is the answer and, in any case, the combination of cuisine and art. Both are an expression of the most creative part of human emotion, which takes the form of a harmonious and aesthetically "beautiful" elaborate which, in the case of the kitchen, is also accompanied by "good".

In searching of the perfect combination

When cooking is an art, it transcends its biological function of providing simple nourishment. Of course, this remains its intimate reason for being, but the reasons that the gastronomic elaboration contains are quite different and relate more to the dimension of taste, of the search for the perfect combination of symbiosis between different ingredients.

Like the artist, the chef, or the cook combines different materials of nature to give shape and substance that stimulate, through the senses of taste, our dimension, spiritual, evocative, experiential.


Traditionalist or futurist cuisine

It doesn’t matter! What matters is that in both cases there is a deep bond with the culture of which the creator, from time to time, is the spokesperson. More often the voice of tradition is combined with innovative cooking techniques, which modify the genetic code of a dish, enhancing its best characteristics and, evolutionarily speaking, allow it to survive on the table of the next generations.

Like great artists, you can have an innate talent in the kitchen. But talent without the right technique rarely finds a way to express itself and, since what is cooked continues to have the primary function of nourishing the human body, having a good theoretical and technical basis is essential for knowing how to cook "well".

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Above all, it means loving food and being aware of its social, cultural and artistic function.