Learning New Gourmet Cooking Techniques

Gourmet Cooking Techniques and Careers

One of the most challenging team building events for many corporate teams is the Iron Chef competition. In this hands on production based competition, team members must not only learn new culinary techniques and recipes, but also create a final dish that will tantalize taste buds and wow their audience! As well as learning new techniques and recipes, everyone gets to eat at the finished product! This hands-on production based competition is held in the springtime, and during the summer it can be held in the fall or in the winter as well, but either way, the important thing is that you and your team all get to taste the final dish and build some delicious working relationships!

Cooking Programmes And  Events

While many cooking contests are held on television and in magazines, few are like the Iron Chef program. Not only does this program feature celebrity chefs who come to present their recipes, but it also showcases the cooking skills of undergraduate students from the University of Wisconsin. Students there have the opportunity to work one on one with professional chefs while they hone their own culinary skills. They learn a great deal about food preparation, kitchen organization and much more! Once in college, students in the United States take a national cooking test to qualify for admission to the American Culinary Federation. Once in the Federation, they attend a number of workshops that hone their skills with a focus on cuisine. These are by no means the only workshops or courses being offered, but they are the ones I feel offer the most benefits for the budding chef. I have been to many workshops and I can say that there are a lot of hands on instruction, a great sense of camaraderie amongst fellow chef peers, and an opportunity to sample many different styles of food, wines and desserts. It truly is like no other learning experience I have had.   For those of you who have considered learning advanced cooking techniques, don’t despair! There is always something available in the way of a class at your local community college, or even a few online cookery courses. There are also DVD’s and books to help make the process of learning easy and fun. If you prefer to learn hands on, you can often find a spot at your local park or recreation area to learn cooking techniques and then venture out into the town square for a bit of shopping or fun in the sun.

Taking The Next Steps

There is also the option of finding an evening class where you can gather with friends and work together. Everyone brings something to the table and we learn together! Who says you have to cook? ! So what are you waiting for? Why not start your own business and be the proud gourmet chef that you are naturally born to be. Take charge of your career today and become the next great gourmet chef! Check out our website for more information on how to do it.