Quick And Easy Air Fryer Meals


Aside from the fact that they are healthier, air fryer fries are also crispier and quicker to prepare than their deep-fried counterparts. Serve these with ketchup, or for the adventurous, smother them with a healthy dip made from mayonnaise spiked with mustard and smoked paprika.

Chicken Wings

Make a batch of these air fryer chicken wings and enjoy the irresistibly crispy skin with tender meat. This foolproof recipe requires a short list of ingredients and cooks quickly to perfection. Pat dry 2 lb. chicken wings (flats and drumettes separated) with paper towels and place in a large bowl. Mix together 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder, 1 1/2 tsp. cornstarch, and the kosher salt, black pepper, garlic salt, onion powder, and paprika; toss wings to coat well.


Lightly coat salmon fillets with cooking oil and season both sides generously with salt and pepper before placing in the basket (or on air fryer parchment sheets if you have them). Add garlic powder and paprika and stir to combine. Then, simply air fry for 8-10 minutes until the salmon is flakes easily with a fork. Enjoy these salmon fillets with a fresh salad, in eggs benedict, or shredded into soups and chowders.


Air Fryer Potatoes are one of the easiest air fryer recipes to prepare. They are creamy and tender on the inside with a crispy crust on the outside. Tossed in olive oil and staple seasonings from your pantry they are a quick and easy side dish. Cut potatoes into uniformly sized pieces for even cooking. Add the potatoes to your air fryer and toss in oil, garlic powder, onion powder, salt and pepper. Air Fry for about 20 minutes, stirring or shaking in between.